The Problem

“Airline customer loyalty driven by service, not price.”

Currently, when a passengers’ flight is canceled or delayed, there is no seamless way for them to get a voucher.  The passenger has to contact the airline call center or fill out a form giving a thorough explanation of what happened. At this point, often times the passenger is frustrated waiting for a customer service representative to determine whether there is a viable reason to disburse a voucher and at what amount.

Furthermore, the voucher must be mailed or emailed to the displeased customer. By the time the voucher reaches it’s destination, the passengers’ loyalty has already decreased and they have made a post about their experience on social media and are planning their next business trip with another company.

Key Issues

No easy way to claim a voucher after your flight has been canceled or delayed.

Complaints about airline service were up 70% in April 2017 from the previous year.

Negative customer experience will devalue your brand perception.

The Solution

Our software is designed to restore the travelers emotional connection to your airline. When you implement TrustaBit into your environment, users can be compensated immediately based on set business criteria. The voucher will be sent to the customers email address when flights are delayed or canceled; eliminating the requirement to contact the airline call centers or completing a claim form. This will give you the opportunity to make things right with your customers, increase brand loyalty and secure future trips.


Increases your brand perception and loyalty with consumers.

Reduces customer service direct and indirect costs.

Lower your churn rate while increasing revenue.

Generate custom emails based on consumer behavior through marketing automation.

Use smart contracts and Blockchain technology to automatically email customers vouchers.

How Trustabit Works



Your customers will begin to trust that your company will make things right with them quickly, easily and securely.

Smart Contracts

Using blockchain based smart contracts, costs are reduced, if not fully eliminated.


TrustaBit uses a private blockchain where all participants know that transactions can be detected and traced by auditors.


On average, every day more than 8 million people fly.

68% will remain loyal to a program that offers the most rewards.

Loyalty programs matter more in the airline sector than hotel or rental car.

Millennials are the most frequent business travelers of any generation taking 7.4 business trips last year.

Millennials are also more likely to spend extra money on flight upgrades and perks.

97% will post their experience on social media.

Relevant Documents

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Meet Our Team

Saritta Hines

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Holding over 13 years of experience in data analytics, Saritta Hines is a trusted leader at bridging strategic business initiatives with expert IT implementation.

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Saritta has successfully spearheaded projects in the tech world for industry leaders including Cymer, Allergan, Bank of Montreal, Novartis and Dow Agrosciences. Her expertise brings technical innovation and business teams together to transform the customer experience. Saritta is at the forefront of improving operational efficiency and testing new use cases through the use of blockchain technology. As the head of TrustaBit, Saritta has established a key utility for businesses to streamline the delivery of products and services to customers through smart contracts.

Blair White

Founder / Chief Sales Officer

Blair White has successfully strategized introducing new products and services into the marketplace. Blair has ranked in the top 10% in the sales divisions of AT&T, Verizon, and Apple, to name a few.

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During her tenure at Apple, Blair was key in acquiring one of the highest retail sales in Apple retail history.  A 2016 Verizon Winner’s Circle recipient, Blair was recognized for being among the top 10% of Verizon sales employees maintaining above a 160% sales to quota. Leading the sales efforts for TrustaBit, Blair will identify and customize solutions to minimize industry pain points while delivering the best ROI through blockchain technology.

Woody Means

Chief Technology Officer

Woody is an accomplished Sr. Software Architect at Cymer where he has developed machine learning algorithms for Cymer EUV droplet generator.

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He has a mathematical, creative and organize mindset that drives him to find innovative solutions to complex problems. With over 15 years in software engineering he has extensive experience in developing applications in C, C++, Java, JavaScript and Python. Woody is well-suited to oversee all technical aspects of TrustaBit and to attain our company’s strategic goals.

Karega McCoy

Solutions Architect

As a systems engineer, Karega has 17 years of research and practical experience in designing and developing large and small scale software/hardware systems.

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Throughout his career, Karega has lead teams of developers and technicians towards meeting deadlines while maintaining strict budget requirements. He has overseen projects from conception to production and been invited to technology, marketing, and educational colloquiums. Some to gain knowledge of new science, others to implement high level promotional and marketing campaigns for cutting edge technology offerings.

Landon Williams

UX/UI Designer

Landon runs a successful dynamic internet solutions company that offers a comprehensive approach to internet marketing, website design, brand management, and SEO services.

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At Easyboyweb they are committed to understanding their client’s objectives and goals, and developing the necessary strategies and tools to achieve them. From start to finish, their services are tailored to the needs of their client

Hakar Sulaiman

Creative Design Engineer

Since 2011, Hakar has been an aspiring creative design engineer. With 13 years of education in the field Hakar will be responsible for creating visual concepts that communicate ideas that inspire, inform and captivate our customers.


Troy Benjegerdes

Blockchain Advisor

Developing C++ and smart contracts for the world’s most expensive database, the $100 billion financial cryptography ecosystem.

Casey Gardiner

Cofounder at DigiWallet

As a founding member of DigiWallet Casey brings more than 20 years of programming experience with a number of computer programming languages ( C/C++/C#, PHP with mySQL, HTML, CSS, LUA, Java, Ruby ( on rails ), and Python ).

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Strong knowledge of OOP concepts, XML schemas, debugging complex problems, abstract data structures/algorithms, and source control applications.


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